Daily Blog #20 : End Of Daily Blog

Stumbling is not falling.

Malcolm X

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll notice I’ve decided to take a hard direction towards self-help. Let me state here that the purpose of this site has always been to just be an open place for me to journal. As these topics popped into my head, I felt like I wanted to wax poetic on them for a while.

A big part of this project has been to help find my voice and find my opinion about some things. It’s a lot easier to discover your values when you write them out. That being said, I do feel beholden to the public space to make content that’s somewhat enjoyable. Unfortunately, I chose an area to write about that I really have no authority on. Everything I’ve been saying is purely opinion. There’s nothing wrong with the ignorant trying to discover some truth, but It’s drifted away from the original mission of the blog.

I’ll still be leaving up all the old posts, but I’m changing the purpose of this blog.

One of the lovely byproducts of all this writing is that I’ve discovered a new purpose for myself. I know I need to try and become a published author. It’s a dream I’ve had for myself ever since I was a child and I’ve been cheating myself by not pursuing it. Over a span of a year I’m going to try my hardest to finish a fantasy novel and submit it to a few publishers. Wish me luck!

With this new focused effort, I won’t have the time or the energy to be writing these dailies. Instead, you can expect to see progress on my book and some fantasy book reviews and potentially the occasional stray thought.

Thank you all who have been reading so far. Your views and likes have been more motivational than you’ll likely know. Much appreciated! ❤

~Thanks For Reading~

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